Snowflakes in Stanthorpe was first held in 2013, and was organised by a small team of locals who wanted to celebrate the region's status as the coldest place in Queensland. A few hundred people were expected, but over 3000 attended.

The next festivals were held at the Stanthorpe Showgrounds (or "snowgrounds") in winter 2015 & 2016, with an expanded program and much increased visitor numbers. 

Snowflakes in Stanthorpe will now be held biennially, in alternate years to the Apple & Grape Harvest Festival (no festival in 2018)



The committee is currently:

Day 1 Coordinator
Maddie Burton
0427 583 263
Email: maddiesgiftgallery@gmail.com

Day 2 Coordinator
Paula Boatfield
0428 195 202
Email: pbboatfield@bigpond.com

Day 3 Coordinator
Di Mitchell
0404 050 073
Email: diane.mitchell.nt@gmail.com

Membership coordinator
Glenda Riley
0467 243 583
Email: gmriley60@gmail.com

Media coordinator
Robyn Henderson
0420 921 934
Email: robyn@ballandeanestate.com

Volunteer coordinator

Trace Gosney
0419 707 779
Email: gos25@topbeat.com.au

Donna Boswell
0419 261 604
c/- PO Box 1000, Stanthorpe Q 4380
Email: info@snowflakesinstanthorpe.com.au

Lenell Storey
0404 863 372
E-mail: lstoreyr4b@gmail.com

Raffle and sponsorship coordinator
Donna Boswell
0419 261 604
Email: donnaboswell58@gmail.com

Artwork coordinator
Mary Findlay
0413 109 556
Email: gallerymanager@srag.org.au

Merchandise coordinator



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